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See how this innovative ground thawing system can work for you. Contact Thaw Dawg Midwest to learn how you can purchase a Thaw Dawg for your construction site, or to make it available to your rental customers.

Thaw Dawg works perfectly for your construction,
cemetery, sign, underground utilities, concrete, and fencing projects.

Weighing in at a mere 120-140 pounds, two people can set ThawDawg™ up in a matter of minutes. Its unique patented infrared vented design thaws the ground quickly—averaging one inch per hour. And with no open flames to blow out, and with adequate safety precautions, ThawDawg™ works for you all night or weekend long.

Features Of All Units
  • A double-insulated, rolled-steel hull keeps the body of the unit cool to the touch.

  • No moving parts to break/repair.

  • Additional heater head supplied with each unit.

  • Resistant to blow out, even under high winds.

  • Every heater head and ThawDawg is quality and safety tested following production.

Explore ThawDawg's many features and benefits
Set up today. Dig Tomorrow

There isn't an easier way to than frozen ground fast. ThawDawg™ can be set up in a few minutes.


ThawDawg™ pays for itself with increased productivity and reduced man-hours. Contact Duddeck Companies directly for price and availability.

Makes digging easy

Our patented infrared vented design thaws the ground quickly, but leaves the soil moist for easier trenching or digging.


Thaw one inch per hour, up to 24" in 24 hours one one 20 lb. propane tank. Replace the tank to continue thawing.  ThawDawg™ can reach depths of 7" by changing the 20 lb. tank every 24 hours.

Safe near pipes & cables

ThawDawg™ vented infrared heat is engineered to operate at a subsurface temperature safe for use near polypropylene pipe and fiber-optic cables that have been installed at the proper regulatory depth.


At 120-140 pounds, ThawDawg™ can be moved easily by just two people. And it fits in the bed of your pick-up truck with plenty of room to spare.

Available in two sizes

Our 36"x54" model can thaw an area 42"x60". Our 48"x54" model thaws an area 54"x60". You can use multiple ThawDawgs™ to cover larger areas.

Maintenance free

With no open flame to blow out ThawDawg™ works for you all night or weekend-long using adequate safety procedures

Low Energy Use

Work year-round—transforms frozen ground, keeping your team moving in the coldest months. Extremely efficient LP reduces costly fuel expenses and lowers your operating costs.

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