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Weighing in at a mere 120-140 pounds, two people can set ThawDawg™ up in a matter of minutes. Its unique patented infrared vented design thaws the ground quickly—averaging one inch per hour.

Its  subsurface temperature is engineered to make it safe for operation near polypropylene pipes or fiber optic cables installed at proper regulatory depths.

And with no open flames to blow out, and with adequate safety precauctions, ThawDawg™ works for you all night or weekend long.

Features Of All Units

  • Double-insulated, rolled-steel hull keeps the body of the unit cool to the touch.

  • No moving parts to break/repair.

  • Additional heater head supplied with each unit.

  • Resistant to blow out, even under high winds.

  • Every heater head and ThawDawg is quality and safety tested following production.

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